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In the shadows

It’s bright not dark you can hear nothing but silence; I’m all by myself alone in this room. The wind is blowing in my ears its cold. It’s like its whispering to me or something, I’m walking in the snow its feels like my body is like an Ice sickle the snowflakes are falling on me, the drops of rain drops on my forehead surrounding me making my hair all wet, without no umbrella.

Zombie Apocalypse Poem

Zombies, what do you do when you hear zombie

Or it pops up in your mind your probably thinking

Walking around half dead and undead

Eating brains, bloody thirsty zombies

Ripping your body in half eating your insides

Viruses passing from person to person

In till when someone with a

Sniper gets a hand shot to the head

Bang, bang goes the zombie

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